Monday, December 8, 2008

Who's The Boss

Everyone has their good qualities and their bad qualities. I have struggled with one impossible personality characteristic all my life. However, I have learned to accept this innate quality that comes barreling out of me at any opportunity it gets: BOSSINESS! That's right I'm bossy! :) Everyone else knew it - just ask my younger sister - she'll happily tell you, since I have played mother to her most of her life.

Well Haylie is going to have to learn the same thing because it appears to be in her genes, passed down from her Mommy. Every chance she gets Haylie is bossing someone around - she mostly does it to James because he can't talk back, but every now and then I hear Haylie scolding Raider for something or telling him what to do, and trust me that is hilarious. I am laughing just thinking about it. Raider gets this look like, "who do you think you are?" and Haylie continues on, "Do you understand me Raider?" The other day Haylie was bossing James, telling him he needed to sit in his chair and eat his food, when I gave her my look of disapproval, to which she dissapointedly replied, "I know, I'm not the boss."

Then today, she was once again instructing James where he could and could not play when I told her, "Haylie, you don't need to boss him around. You are not the Mommy." The following conversation ensued:
H: "I will be a Mommy in a little bit."
M: "When?"
H: "When I get 5 and older, then I will be a Mommy...(thinking pensively)...and I will be the boss. That's what I will do."


Marty, Sarah, Jack, & Bryce Dillard said...

I'm bossy & so is Jack. Poor Marty we BOTH boss him. The sad thing is Marty actually listens to Jack. Wonder what James will do when he can talk back?