Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SOOO Serious

James is our little serious man! Ever since he was born he has always had such a concerned look. One thing I have noticed about him lately, that seems so different from Haylie, is that he appears to be unaffected by any sort of praise. Most babies, or at least Haylie, when receiving a round of applause or congratulatory "good job" will stop what they're doing and soak up the praise. Haylie has always relished in the attention and seemed to really enjoy that Mommy and Daddy are proud of her. James, however, continues on about his way, whether it's taking steps or putting legos together he never reacts, even when I explode into clapping and whooping for his job well done, he is determined and focused on the task at hand. I have no idea what that says about his personality but it's so funny how different they can be!


Mindy said...

I'm insanely jealous over those big blue eyes!

It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

Thanks for the help with the blog page, and for the nice compliment too! I'm also in agreement with Mindy, and a bit envious of those eyes. And although you say James is sooo serious, I have to add that he has one of the easiest to produce, and best baby laughs i've ever heard.