Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch Up - My Favorite Gift

My favorite gift this year was not one I received. It was a wreath I made for Micah's Mom. Every year at Christmas I set out making a variety of photo gifts including an annual scrapbooked calendar for Micah's grandma and various scrapbook photo albums, etc for other family members. One year I even made a quilt... Needless to say, in addition to all of the shopping, Christmas is a pretty busy time.

This year I made something a little different as a gift for Micah's Mom. After her hospital stay I collected all of her favorite flowers that she had received and took them home to dry them with the intention of making something special for her to treasure. When I finished her wreath on Tuesday I was so excited with the final product that I had to show someone. I almost blogged about it that minute but I realized that Micah's Mom reads the blog so she would more than likely see her present before Christmas. Well, she has received it now so I decided to blog about it anyways!

I included her newest favorite quote which she repeated often during her hospital stay. We just look at it as a reminder to be grateful and happy that she is better now and we get to spend precious time with Grandma!
The big roses next to the bow were the ones from the Governor so we had to put those front and center :)


It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

that is amazing!!! you made that???

Mindy said...

WOW, that's impressive! Holy moly. You've got talent. :O)

matt & april said...

it is lovely, sandy! you have many talents! :)