Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Manners

Haylie has finally learned her manners, or rather how to use her manners to get her way :)

Please - When Haylie wants something and Mommy or Daddy says no, the instant reaction is of course a little mini-fit. However, recently I have been explaining to her that is not how to get your way. Tantrums only get you in more trouble. The appropriate response is to say please Mommy and we can have a discussion about it. Now, whenever I say no - Haylie gets this adorable puppy dog look and says "plllleeeeaaaase Mommy." Oh man - it is really hard to say no after that nice response!!!

Sorry - This is Haylie's new favorite word. In the last couple weeks she has started sayng it all the time. If she bumps into be, "Oh, sorry Mommy." She drops her fork on the floor, "Oh sorry Mommy." It is funny how often she says it - I'm not even sure where she picked it up from! The best incident was when Haylie was taking a nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I came in to check on her, only to find her sitting in a pile full of crumpled pages from the book I have been obsessively reading lately. I started in telling her she CANNOT rip pages out of Mommy's book, only to be cut off by a very sincere sounding, "I'm sorry Mommy." I continued on..."Mommy really doesn't like that, because now I can't read my book because it is broken..." And then she reminded me, "but I said I'm sorry Mommy...." Where did she learn that?? Well it is just the sweetest thing - it is very hard to discipline her when she says sorry so quickly and looks like she really means it.

Here is a cute picture of Miss Haylie being silly in James' Bumbo seat:


Megan said...

I hear you on the whole "sorry" thing. Jacob has just started this and when he accidently does something (like when he poked me in the eye yesterday) he quickly responds with "Sorry, sorry, sorry, Mommy, sorry. It was an accident." It's actually very funny.

The Runner Bunch said...

That's EXACTLY what Haylie does - how funny!!!