Thursday, December 10, 2009


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Southern CA with Micah's family. It is always a great time with all the cousins. Haylie had fun making cookies with Gigi and she was especially excited to see her cousin Grant!!

A fun memory about our Thanksgiving trip that I wanted to remember is that it took us 9 hours to get there for what is usually a 6 hour trip. Micah nearly had a nervous breakdown but we all made it:

We left the house about 3:00 on the day before Thanksgiving (about 1 hour after Micah hoped to leave). I had to drop off some prints to a photography client in the area (note - Micah does not like surprise stops!). Once we got on the freeway we turned on the kids portable dvd player, only to find out it was broken. Raider had one in the car too so we pulled over and tried to hook that one up. The cord on it seemed to be missing a piece and it wouldn't connect into the DVD player, so we got back into the car and headed to Target to get a new one. Micah went with a mid-range one about $60-70. We got back in the car and I was trying to get it going but it was defective and would not work straight out of the box!!! In the process of trying to get it to work I was noticing that almost all of the kids' DVD's were completely scratched (I did try an unscratched one and that didn't work either). We had to weigh out if it was worth it to get a player before our trip but the thought of the kids in the car for 6 hours with nothing to do did not seem like a good idea.

So we stopped to pick up Raider from school, and then went to ANOTHER Target downtown. Micah returned the old player, got a new one for $100 that he was sure would work - and I had him pick out a couple new dvd's for the kids. By the time we got that new player up and running it was 5:00 and we were all hungry so we stopped for dinner and then began our 6 hour trip!!

On the Friday after Thanksgiving that $100 dvd player was on sale for $65!!!