Friday, December 11, 2009


While in SoCal for Thanksgiving - we were trying to maximize our vacation time so we were looking for fun things to do with the kids. The most exciting thing in the immediate area was Chuck e Cheese and boy was it a popular place - it was tiny and super crowded but the kids had a lot of fun!!!

Haylie assured me she wouldn't be scared on this ride and she wasn't at all. She kept saying over and over again - "I'm not scared Mommy, see I'm not scared Mommy"

Micah had been playing a basketball game for a little while, trying to beat a high score. When he finally beat it, the ticket machine stopped working and he didn't get any tickets for it. He didn't care at all but I wanted him to get the reward for his hard work (what like 5 or 10 tickets) so I ran to find the ticket man - after I told him our dilemma he ripped off a stack of like 250 tickets and gave them to me. Between those, Raider's tickets and Grandma and Grandpa's tickets we had like 500. The kids picked out so many little trinkets they didn't even know what else to pick at the end! Of course if I left it up to them they would have just taken 50 lollipops!