Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas #3

Christmas number two was Christmas morning but I really only wanted to focus on the pictures of the kids reading the Christmas story rather than opening presents.

One quick story about our ride down to Southern CA before I get into Christmas with Micah's family. On the way down we decided to strap our suitcases to the top of the car so we could have a little more room and Raider could sit in the third row, rather than be squished in next to the kids. Well, Micah ran up to Walgreens quickly and grabbed some cheap bungee cords - first mistake. Then he strapped the suitcases to the top of the car using only the bungee cords - second mistake. As we were driving to Lancaster, one of the bungee cords snapped and a suitcase flew up off the car... and then back down, slamming into the side of the car, hanging on by only one bungee hook. After I screamed and yelled for Micah to pull over on the side of the freeway (as if he didn't already know that). We got the suitcases all back into the car and Raider had to sit next to the kids for the final hour of the ride. Thank goodness it did not actually fly off and hit another car behind us!! I think we may need a rooftop carrier for next year!!

Here are the kids with their gear from Christmas morning:
Having a fun time together: