Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Misconceptions

Thanks to Dora and Caillou, Haylie has developed a little Christmas misconception. We have been doing our countdown to Christmas every day, and when we say, "and then it will be Christmas," she says, "and then it will snow." I keep telling her it doesn't snow where we live at Christmas and she keeps telling me, "well, we'll just wait and see."

So on Sunday when I heard it was going to snow here for the first time in like 10 years I was quietly excited. Unfortunately our little town seems to be the only one in the region that didn't get any snow that sticks! I was very disappointed Monday morning and really wanted them to have the opportunity to play in the snow. So the kids and I quickly bundled up, jumped in the car and headed down the road to a nearby area with some snow. They had so much fun playing around and I had so much fun watching them squeal and run and laugh. Both of hem have really got the hang of snowballs now - the rule was they could only throw them at me (not each other)! Haylie was so excited that it actually snowed at Christmas time and made sure to remind me that she was right.

So - three cheers for childlike hope and let the Christmas misconceptions live on!!

Trying to make a snow angel like Dora:


~april said...

sooooo fun!