Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Southern CA snow

We were planning on driving to Southern CA on Christmas Eve as we usually do. However, Micah and I had the week off and Micah's Mom told us about a snow park about an hour from their house, so we decided to make the trip a little early so we could spend the day playing in the snow. The kids LOVE the snow and they had a great time playing in it. However, Micah was extremely unimpressed at the quality of the Southern CA snow!! He kept reminding me that we drove a little over an hour to get there and they only people who drive that far for this dirty, icy snow are people who don't live a little over an hour from Tahoe. :)

sliding down the hill:
James was camped out in the snow - not quite sure what he wanted to do:
Haylie REALLY loves the snow:
Raider found a good hill and a broken sled to use. Micah wouldn't let us pack our sleds because the car was too full. Lucky we found a broken one and use it. It worked just fine for us:
Haylie was very brave:

Watching Haylie sledding:
I had to get my turn too:
James had to take a little snow timeout for not sharing :(

Headed home: