Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

This year was a first for Mother's Day for us. Both Micah and my Mom decided to ditch us and go out of town :) (one to Cabo and the other on a motorcycle ride to Southern CA) so we decided to get away ourselves. In addition, lately I have had a photo shoot every weekend so this weekend was rare that we didn't have any commitments. Micah came up with a great idea to take the train to San Francisco. Haylie has been really into trains lately and it sounded like a fun adventure. Although we had a great time we have found yet another thing that we will wait to do again until the kids get older!!! It was a lot of work let me tell ya! They liked the train but they certainly did not want to sit in their seats the whole time and we had no car seats to buckle them in and strap them down :) One of the fun parts was not having a car and walking all around town with our backpacks that had all of our clothes, etc for the weekend. It was definitely exhausting though also! Here's our whole fam at The Palace of Fine Arts - so beautiful. 

At the train station:
Lots of tickets for our many people in our family and the bus connections...

Haylie and James really like wrestling lately and the train seemed like the perfect place to do that in their minds:
They both loved looking out the windows and watching everything go by:

We had a great time walking around Pier 39 and enjoying the activities and the yummy food!
Haylie and James cuddling in the morning:
Haylie was talking about pancakes all weekend for some strange reason - so we went to IHOP for breakfast on Sunday.
Then we went to the Exploratorium which was so cool! Haylie and James loved all the gadgets and levers to play with and pull. And the best part was we were surprised to find it was free for Mother's Day!

The Palace of Fine Arts. Thanks to Micah for planning a nice adventure for Mother's day! :)


~april said...

good to know re: riding train with youngin's! that is so cool about the exploratorium being free for m's day!i love that place!

Kirk and Abbey said...

Sounds like an adventure! I still can't believe how much I took it for granted being able to travel in a leisurely manner in our pre-baby days....