Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best Cousins

We all know how much Haylie adores her cousin Kiley. A couple weeks ago we got the chance to hang out with Kiley and Lea for a free kids day in the park. The girls all had such a good time. It's fun to look at pictures like the one below and think about how Haylie and Kiley will grow up and hopefully be great friends. I am really grateful that they have the ability to be close and spend time together. Maybe some day this will be a picture we use in a slideshow for one of their birthdays or graduation or wedding! :)

I'll have to match this one up to the Easter Bunny picture we took when they were 1, where they were both sitting on the Bunny's lap screaming!

Rockin' out in the park:
Getting their faces painted:
Riding the train with Auntie Nicole: