Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Is Good

"Life is Good" is the official motto for the Runner Family cabin in Tahoe. Over Memorial Day Weekend we made our annual trip up to relax and enjoy nature. We had a great time returning for all of our favorite, regular cabin activities:

Haylie's proclaimed favorite part of the cabin is "the bears" - wooden bookends that Haylie loves to carry around when she is there. She was very excited to introduce James to the bears this year. She was telling him all about them on the way up:

It is a cabin tradition to put peanut butter on a pine cone and hang it out for the birds. Haylie really enjoyed it this year...
I think she enjoyed eating the peanut butter more than putting it on the pine cone:
Grandpa hung it up for the birds and Haylie wanted to sit and watch for birds all day:
Micah's favorite part of the cabin is definitely the s'mores!!!
Haylie is quickly adding s'mores to her list of favorites as well: 
We all love to hang out by the creek, get our feet wet, play cards and eat snacks:
Raider and Grandpa found some snow a couple miles up the hill and surprised all with a mini snowball fight:
Raider's favorite part of the cabin is definitely when Grandpa lets him drive:

Of course we all love just spending quality time with family:


~april said...

the cabin sounds fun! we need to get ourselves a cabin someday!