Thursday, May 14, 2009

Haylie's Spring Sing

I just love watching Haylie's little class performances. It nearly drives me crazy, but it also makes me so proud to be a Mom. Haylie is really not a great listener, or follower - she never has been. I think I've mentioned before that in Gymboree class when she was 1 all the kids would sit in the circle and sing while Haylie either stood in the middle and did her own little dance, or wandered around to find something more interesting. It nearly drives me crazy because by nature it hurts me not to be the one sitting in the front of the class following all the directions and doing as the teacher says. But Haylie is different than me and I love her for that!! :) So hopefully you will enjoy these pictures as much as I do and the story of Haylie's spring sing:

(You can click on all the pictures to make them bigger and get the full effect) Before her performance I coached her all the way to school to listen to her teacher and follow along with all of the other kids. She was so excited that I would be watching her in the audience while she stood on the stage and sang. When her class entered the room she was on the lookout for me and she was sooo excited when she found me:

James was ready for the show!
Once Haylie got on the stage she realized James and Raider were there too and she was very happy to see them:
This was actually posing time for the kids - Haylie didn't miss one opportunity to ham it up for the camera!
Here she is not following along and thinking she might take off. The teacher is telling her to stay there and I am mouthing it very seriously from my chair (in between capturing it all on camera and video!)
And the teacher had to grab her! :)
Posing after the show with "the other Haley" in her class:
Haylie and Haley had such a fun time running around and playing afterwards:
Click on this one to make it bigger - this is why I love Haylie. She just cracks me up how the personality overflows from her!
I think this is my favorite picture of the night - she is laughing so hard she can barely stand it:
Meanwhile James and Raider are chillin' until it's time to go home:
Here is my sweet girl - so proud!!!
And here she is in action: