Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ice Cream Man

The other day Haylie and James had their first encounter with the ice cream man.. and they decided they like him. Haylie is anxiously awaiting that truck to come back!

The ice cream man is one of my fondest memories from when I was a child. I remember swimming in the backyard with my sister and when we heard that music we would instantly go sprinting through house, out the front door, all the while yelling for Mom and Dad to get money and meet us out there. Well, the other day when we were swimming in our backyard with the kids, I heard that familiar song and it was like second nature. I jumped up and told Haylie it was the Ice Cream man. I ran through the house as I shouted for Micah to get money. I burst out the front door and said STOP, Haylie and James were trailing behind, bubbling over with excitement for whatever was in front of our house. We each picked our ice creams from the side of the truck. What a fun day - enjoy the little things right?? :)


Mindy said...

The ice cream man was a special treat for me too! I lived in a small town and the same truck always came by after school. When I try to share my enthusiasm with Al for the ice cream man experience he just scoffs. Apparently, growing up his mom told him that the ice cream man was a creepy child molester! How sad! He just doesn't share our love of ice cream on wheels. :(

~april said...

we were told that the ice cream truck came around to play music for children to nap by! no ice cream for us! i think i will probably use that tactic with fox too! very sly mom!