Friday, September 9, 2011

Vintage Couch

I borrowed this couch from a friend for some photo sessions, but when it worked out that we had the couch one more night than originally planned I decided to throw together a quick photo session of the kids and the couch.:)It was quite the last minute plan so it was amazing that I found clean, matching outfits. I wasn’t even planning on joining in the photos but threw a dress in my bag as I was running out the door (hence the wrinkles you will see in it!)
For being a photographer – I have a terrible time being in pictures. I have this weird lean-in, head-tilt thing I always do that makes me look pretty foolish but since I can’t seem to figure out how to stop doing it whenever a camera turns my way, I’m just getting used to my goofy looking photos – you can see the concentration in my smile…don’t be awkward, don’t be awkward!:)
Thankfully, the majority of the shots this time weren’t too awkward; but then again you’re only seeing the ones I approved:
Now look at that straight up head – no leaning, no tilting. Phew – maybe there’s hope yet. Thanks to Raider for taking the pics of Micah and I – it’s nice to finally have some with each other. Had I properly prepared for the session I would have brought my tripod and got a family shot!