Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cabo - part 3 - the beach!

While in Cabo we also spent some days going to the beach. Haylie developed a little obsession with collecting seashells and by the end of the trip she had a whole bag full. Everyone was dragged in at some point to help Haylie find pretty shells. Raider even found some that he intended to bring back and turn into necklaces as gifts.

We found a really pretty beach on the way to San Jose with cute star beach huts to hang out under, so we all packed up lunch and lots of sunscreen and headed out for the day. Micah had to stand guard in front of the kids most of the time because the tide was rushing out pretty fast the day we were there. We were afraid the kids would get swept out to sea. They almost did a few times.

The funniest incident of the day was when a crazy crab came running into our area and sent all of us scattering. There were lots of crabs but most of them left us alone. Micah is holding the daring little guy: