Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cabo - part 2 - out on the town and traditions

One of the nights we were in Cabo, Micah's parents watched all the kids and gave us Moms and Dads a date night. We went to our favorite Taco place where we all ate on our trip 3 years ago. Then we wandered through the nearby shops and found some fun souvenirs:

Then later in the week we decided to trade babysitting with the Tylers so we could each have one more date night by ourselves. Micah and I ate at a beautiful, hip new restaurant right on the beach. It was such a nice place, with delicious food.

We also took a family day and headed into San Jose del Cabo. It is a cute little town with shops where we bought more souvenirs:

As we were trading around time off, we also switched some time where just the girls went out and just the boys. Jaime and I headed out for pedicures. It was pretty funny how habitual we all are because this is the same place we went 3 years ago so we had fun telling stories about last time and reminiscing.

It was a short drive from our hotel into the main town. It was extremely hot and sunny a couple of the days so we were quickly exhausted walking around but we hit up our favorite little shopping places and restaurants.

We had a group photo in this same location 3 years ago so of course we had to take one there again. Micah was missing because we couldn't find the time to do it until the end of the week after he had already left to go home for a job interview. It was kind of sad vacationing without him the rest of the week but it is Cabo, so we survived. :(

Who knows what kind of disease these little guys carry but it was too fun to pass up the chance to hold them. The kids loved it: