Monday, September 5, 2011

Cabo - part 1 -at the hotel

While we did venture out several times, the majority of our vacation in Cabo San Lucas was spent at our hotel - it is such a beautiful place with a spacious room, gorgeous balcony views, lots of different pools and a beautiful beach; there wasn't much reason to leave!

We had such a wonderful time on our summer vacation to Cabo this year. We traveled with our good friends the Tylers again, and Grandma and Grandpa joined us for a few days as well. Sadly, Micah had to leave toward the end of the trip to go back for an interview but we all survived the pool and beaches without him.

Can't wait 'til our next trip back to Cabo - one of our favorite places!!!

This is the beach just past the pool at the hotel:

A view from our balcony:

Haylie had just learned how to swim so she was a fish the entire vacation:

Enjoying a snack at the swim-up bar:

Walking along the beach to the hotel next door:

The popular whale slide:
Preparing for a sleepover:
Naomi helping me play cards:
Playing checkers on our last day: