Friday, July 22, 2011

Level 3

Although we intended to send Haylie to swim lessons last summer, we kept finding ourselves "behind the 8-ball" and the classes were full or the timing didn't work... So this year we finally got her in and she has done great!! It was amazing how quickly she caught on with a little focus and direction. After about a week, her teacher said she was pretty much ready for the next level. She accomplished everything she was supposed to including swimming under the water, jumping in, getting rings from the bottom of the pool. It was fun to watch her so proud of herself with each step. We signed her up for the Level 3 next, where she will learn more of the swimming techniques including freestyle and backstroke - we'll see how she does.

We decided to sign James up for swim lessons as well, and although it was probably still a good idea to get some practice for him I was doubting it throughout the session. He wanted nothing to do with putting his face in the water which was his main objective for Level 1. In fact half of the days he got out of the pool mid-way through the lesson and said he was done, came over to me and wanted to go home! Needless to say James did not graduate to Level 2 but it was worth a try!