Monday, July 18, 2011

Children's Festival and Renaissance Fair

After wandering around Nevada City we headed to the main event - the children's festival and renaissance fair. It was such a great event - better than we even expected - fire breathing dragon and all. I thought all of the craft ideas were so creative and very well put together. There was a big castle at the beginning that the kids could paint. The hit of the day was the table full of wood parts and tools where Daddy made James a sword and Haylie a wand. James carried his sword around the rest of the weekend and even slept with it by his side every night. Mommy helped by sawing off the tip to make it pointy!! There were probably 20 different free craft tables with fun, creative crafts that the kids really loved making. One of the crafts was painting pillowcases to make their own tunics. For the rest of the weekend James walked around with an angry face, beating off imaginary bad guys with his new super cool sword and shield. On the way back to the car we had to stop at the park when Haylie found her favorite thing - Monkey Bars!

2 more parts to come...