Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adult time

It sure is nice to get some time now and then to hang out with my love, no kids attached! Micah was offered some free tickets to check out the Sacramento Capitals so we figured it was a good excuse for a date night. I've never been to a real tennis match before; although when we went to New York we actually bought tickets for the US Open which happened to be going on while we were there. Unfortunately the matches were rained out that day and our schedule didn't allow us to make it back. So, it was fun to actually get to watch a live professional tennis match - a new experience for us:

We ran into an old co-worker of mine from the bank and Micah's boss as well. We all got access to the VIP section and appetizers before the game:

I liked their cute outfits and a couple of the girls had very toned arms which is my personal gym goal!
One last picture - driving Micah a little crazy with the photos but it was such a fun time I wanted to document it!