Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation - Part 5 - Gilroy Gardens

Our next day of vacation entailed yet another amusement park and more rides. This one was focused almost solely on toddler rides though, so Raider was a little bored:
He rode on the train though:

And lost at the games :)

Haylie's most favorite ride of the whole week was the princess ferris wheel:

We had been waiting all week for Haylie's loose tooth to come out and while we were eating lunch she twisted it right out. Her first tooth out! Yay!

Waiting for the Clifford show:
Haylie convinced James to go dance on stage with the other kids. He only lasted a couple minutes:
And then he wasn;t brave enough to give Clifford a hug:
We got to ride the swan paddleboats. Haylie tried to help paddle with me too - it was pretty funny.

Haylie and I went all the way to the end of the little lake and back - Raider...not so much!! :)

After we got back from our boating excursion, Micah had bought some fried artichoke hearts. YUM!!! I am wishing I had some now - they were so good!!! Noone else liked them so I got to eat the whole plate. The park closed shortly after that and although we had been there for some 7 hours or so we all had so much fun we could have stayed longer!