Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation - Part 3 - The Boardwalk

Waiting in line to get our wristbands at the Boardwalk I caught this cute picture of Haylie and James. I think Haylie was just cuddling James and keeping him warm. They stood like this for several minutes. She is such a little Mommy - I love my kids :)

Fun - a PEPSI ride!!!

Daddy and Haylie went on the log ride - the rest of us were party poopers on that one and chose to watch from the side
One of these kids looks a little too big. Seriously I am a geek on kids rides!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Love that silly boy!!

This carousel was a mystery we had to solve. When we first got in line a whole bunch of people let us go in front of them. Then when we got on the carousel it was very noisy and people kept throwing things. We figured out the mystery of the big clown mouth - if you are on an outside horse you can grab rings as the carousel goes around and toss them into the clown mouth - we rode it a few more times and had fun taking our shots.

Haylie's favorite ride of course is always the ferris wheel:

The great thing about the Boardwalk is all the rides are overlooking a beautiful beach:

So cool:

We ended the very long, adventure filled day with mini golf:
we had fun playing in the black-light room:
And then the arcade!