Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation - Part 4 - The Ocean and Hanging out with Dallas

While in Santa Cruz we got to catch up with cousin Dallas and hang out. He took us around to some of his favorite places including this great beach where we could look for little crabs, starfish and other sea creatures. It was freezing and windy but it was one the funnest activities for me. I love standing and looking out over the ocean, exploring the natural habitat of sea creatures and teaching the kids new things.

It was very windy!
Collecting seashells:

Back uphill to the car and Haylie decided to take a rest in the sand:
Afterwards Dallas took us to his work (where Micah backed into someone and crunched our bumper - fun) and then to his favorite little deli which had delicious italian sandwiches. I'm so glad Haylie and James are such good friends. Look how cute :)