Friday, August 6, 2010

Loose Tooth

On Thursday (August 5th) Haylie lost her very first tooth! Let me start with the dentist appointment story first - A few weeks ago (on my birthday actually) the kids had a dentist appointment. It was James' first time at the dentist and Haylie was the ever-caring big sister, coaching him through the whole process, holding his hand and telling him it would be ok.

I was very impressed with the dentist office as I was with Haylie's first appointment about 6 months ago. First, when we got there we saw James' name on the welcome sign:
All of the people in the office were super friendly and so great with the kids. The hygenist was so good with James she even got him to let her clean his teeth with the automatic brush (amazing) - it took a lot of coaxing and he sat on my lap but he did great. Then the dentist came in to look at his teeth - James didn't like that one quite as much - the dentist did a great job but James screamed the whole time. Then the dentist asked if I knew James had a little chip on his front tooth. No I did not. Then the dentist checked out Haylie's mouth and asked if I knew she had two loose teeth - no of course not! After I accepted the Bad Mom award I checked out Haylie's teeth - one was very loose and the other just a little bit.

That brings us to this week. Haylie had been wiggling her tooth, waiting to get a visit from the tooth fairy. Then, the other day it looked like her tooth had already fallen out. We were sure she had lost it already and we told her she would have to wait for her other one to fall out. She thought it was silly that it fell out and she didn't know but she just went on. Then the next day her other tooth was about to fall out and we realized the original tooth hadn't fallen out it had just moved. Here is the picture before it fell out.
It finally ended up falling out while we were at Gilroy Gardens theme park. Haylie was sitting in the stroller before lunch and the tooth was just hanging. She started twisting it and out it came. She was SOOO excited. The next morning she came running into our room to show us the money the tooth fairy left her. I just love watching the kids grow and being part of their life events!!!

Here's one more picture of the kids at the dentist:


~april said...

cute! that is so nice that the dentist welcomes new patients like that. so strange about h's tooth! love your new backround btw!

the mathisons said...

Reese lost her tooth in the same spot! How cute!

Loretta said...

Haylie is a bright kid! She takes care of her brother while in the dentist's office. That's really amazing. I think she's pretty much like my sister, Katie, who always takes care of our youngest brother. I've seen them both brushing their teeth before bedtime, too. They really took positively the oral health care reminders of our trusted family dentist. Hattiesburg is a place where you find the best dentist in Mississippi. Our new family dentist Hattiesburg M.S. practitioner really took care the oral health of the entire family.

Thanks for sharing!