Monday, October 26, 2009

So much to blog, so little time

OK so I have gone from once a day, to once a week, to once a month posts. I have folders full of pictures and a mind full of funny stories to blog but just never the time to sit down. Photography has been consuming me and I have made a vow to slow down next year and cut my # of sessions in half. Until then - things are just crazy!!!! I have to figure out how to divide my time between my family, my bank job, my photography job, my friends, my walk with God, and several volunteer projects Micah and I are working on and very excited about. All that leaves no time for blogging but I do want to get better so my remaining 5 readers can keep up to date with us! :)

For now, here is a video from a walk the other day with the kids. We go on a walk almost every day lately. They really love being outside and riding their bikes around the block. They mostly love riding or running down the steep driveways in our neighborhood. Here is Haylie challenging James to a race. He didn't quite get the concept. Ready, Set...


~april said...

too too funny!
and yes'm it is probably time to slow it down! it is awesome your business has taken off like it has and i am really grateful we were able to take advantage of your talent, but you deserve some down time too!