Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch #1

We went to the pumpkin patch several times this fall. This actually would have been pumpkin patch trip #2 but we didn't make it to the first one- quick story on that: Our play group planning a little trip to the pumpkin patch and the kids and I were all dressed and ready to go. Meanwhile Micah was at the dentist with Raider while he was getting his wisdom teeth pulled. It ended up taking a little longer than expected so Micah had to run to a meeting and asked me to swing by and pick up Raider and drop him off at home to rest. When I arrived at the dentist they ushered us to the back where Raider was sitting in a chair...SOBBING... - his face was all red and he had so many tears. I asked what happened and they said the anesthesia affects everyone differently - he had been crying since the moment they gave it to him. Poor Guy!!! We headed out to the car and he was a wreck - he just kept crying and he could barely walk, I practically had to carry the big boy out to the car. I quickly assessed that he wasn't going to be ok at home by himself, so we all stayed home with him while he rested.

So, onto Pumpkin Patch trip #1. We went with Haylie's class again this year. Haylie and James really love picking out pumpkins and this pumpkin patch had lots of fun things to do and see.

James really loved the pumpkins:
He did NOT love the animals when they came near him:
Haylie's whole class:
On the hay ride:
Learning to brush the sheep: