Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch #2

Pumpkin Patch trip #2 was with our Bible Study girls, while all the guys were away at a mens retreat. This was probably the most fun - this was a huge pumpkin patch and we could have spent all day there!!! Prepare for picture overload!

We decided to invite our Moms along for the fun and I was really excited when my Mom said she was able to go. The kids really loved hanging out with Momo and it was fun to spend some quality time together! The funniest part was that all day we were talking about how bad the garlic fries smelled and telling stories about how it comes out of your pores when you eat those things. Then at lunch time, my Mom disappears and shows up with a big batch of garlic fries. Apparently she missed the conversation and thought we might all like to share some - her and Raider ate them all. This was right before we were about to leave and the garlic smell filled up our car the whole way home!

Haylie and Momo watching the pig races:

Waiting for the train:

On the hay ride:

Haylie was obsessed with baby Addison all day long. She held her almost the whole hay ride. It was very cute - she just talked to her and kissed her and showed her the pumpkins. She is such a little Mommy: