Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toe Talent

Not everyone has it. Only a select few are born with this natural ability. Haylie is among the lucky ones to get it... She is able to pick things up with her toes!

From when she was very young she was able to do it, before I think she ever realized that I do it on a regular basis. Maybe she learned it by watching, but maybe it was just innate.

I think bending down to pick things up takes too much work, so I simply use my toes and bring the object up to my hands. I can lift a pretty decent amount of weight with my toes and do a host of other things as well including write, etc. (they can function almost like hands - pretty weird!). Haylie's power is still weak but she will develop it over time. Micah and Raider can't do it, James is still to be determined, but Haylie and I have the gift! Maybe we should join the cast of Heroes! :)


Megan said...

I'm right there with you. I have this talent as well. You forgot to mention that we also have amazing balance. I always thought my super toes would be great on the balance beam:)

the mathisons said...

I've got that talent as well... I have even used mine for pinching:) It comes very helpful when pregnant and bending down becomes a chore.