Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Little Things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

Raider -
Face Time - Raider has been feeling a little left out lately with all the photos I have been taking of Haylie and James. I even had some frames up in the house and Raider's frame was empty forever because we kept having to reschedule our photoshoot. I felt terrible but he is a busy guy and I don't have opportunities to take pictures of him all the time. So this weekend we finally worked it out and spent some dedicated time in a photo-shoot all his own. We had so much fun wandering around Folsom looking for good locations. We will have to hang out like that more often! Here are some of Mr. Cool Raider's pics:

James -
Big mouth kisses - James has gotten very interactive lately. He responds to us and mimics the things we do. One of his favorite things is giving kisses. He opens his mouth really wide and closes in. Daddy is a little weirded out but Mommy will take kisses any minute of the day - no matter how slobbery they are!

Haylie -
Little Miss Sunshine - One of Haylie's newest favorite sayings is: "Oh, I Like (Fill in the blank)." She seems to be very positive and optimistic lately which I am quite enjoying. Throughout the day she will randomly say "Oh, I Like That," to almost anything I say. Examples:
H: Where are we going?
M: Target
H: Oh, I Like Target
H: Who is here?
M: Raider
H: Oh, I like Raider
H: What are we cooking?
M: Chili
H: Oh, I like Chili
M: Haylie, do you want a bowl?
H: Oh, I like bowls.
I hope she stays this positive forever!!


Melissa said...

Sandy - your photos just keep getting more and more amazing every time I check out your blog! You are so talented!

Silly Lilly & Family said...

Those are really nice pictures of Raider, he's quite the model.