Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Little Things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

Haylie -
"Three because I'm three" - Ever since Haylie turned 3, she now wants everything in 3's.
Ex: When she gets a chocolate for going potty, she wants 3. When we tell her "No, you can only have one." She gives a puppy dog face and says, "3 because I'm 3." She likes to take a toy to bed with her and we usually let her take one small thing like a ball. Now she absolutely needs 3 toys, giving the same response, "3 because I'm 3." She uses "3 because I'm 3" for basically anything she wants more of. I have tried using it back on her and it works pretty well. When I need her to eat her dinner I tell her 3 more bites "3 because you're 3." She thinks about it but decides she can't argue with that.

"Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't" - Another common thing Haylie says lately is "Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't" When talking about something like dogs she will say, "I like dogs." Then follow it up with "Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't." Or going real high on the swings..."I like to go real high on the swings; sometimes I do, sometimes I don't." It's like she catches herself and wants to make sure she is being completely honest about it.

"Can I drive?" - Lately every day when we get into the car, Haylie asks me if she can drive. I let her sit in my seat and play with the steering wheel while I buckle in James and then I go around and buckle her in. The other day as I came around to put her in her seat she kept asking me if she could drive (she didn't mean pretend this time, she actually wanted to drive the car). I told her no, Mommy has to drive because you don't know how. She said, "yes I do" and then motioned as if she had her hands on the steering wheel and moved it back and forth real fast. She's only 3 and already she thinks she knows well enough to drive!

James -
James has gotten to the point where he is old enough to know what is going on around him. And he is very aware of what Haylie is doing. Whatever toy Haylie is playing with, is the next thing James wants in his mouth. This has caused a little angst and Haylie can often be seen hunkered down over whatever she is playing with, shouting, "Mommy he is trying to get my ..." I'm sure it is just the beginning of this sibling fun!

Raider -
I think Raider is starting to bond with little James. He is excited for when his litle brother will be old enough to play sports. He continues to be such a great helper, taking initiative to take care of the kids, feed them, strap them into their car seats and lend a helping hand whenever necessary.


McIver Family said...

So great to see pics of the fam...
It was great to see Micah last month- sorry I didn't make it out to see the rest of the crew!