Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

This weekend we had such a great time for our anniversary. It was the first time we spent a night together away from the kids. We almost toook James because we were worried about leaving him behind, but my Mom thankfully convinced me he would be fine.

Micah's parents flew us to Arizona for our aniversary, where we met up with lots of other family to watch Micah's cousin, Casey Fien, play baseball. Casey is part of the AAA team for the Detroit Tigers and he was in Arizona for the "Fall League." The Fall League is made up of a select few of the best players from the Minor League teams throughout the country. It was a great compliment that Casey got to attend and he said 75-80% of the people in this league make it to the Majors within a year or two.

We had so much fun watching Casey pitch and hanging out with family. We stayed in a beautiful house and slept in every morning. Just what we needed!

It was fun watching Casey pitch. He is a "Reliever" and he did a great job. He came in at the end of the game and quickly got them all out for a save!
Casey's proud parents!!
It was very cute watching Casey sign autographs for all the kids. Someday, Casey is hoping, these will be flocks of cute girls!!
Micah even bought a Detroit Tigers hat to show his team spirit and faith that Casey will make it to the "Bigs."


Sara said...

It looks like you both had fun, that last photo of the two of you is great! It's so refreshing and healthy to get away from the kids every once in awhile.
Happy Anniversary!