Sunday, June 10, 2012

We camped!

So we haven't been camping since the kids were born (if you don't count sleeping in the tent at home) and they have been begging to go for the last couple years. We aren't really the camping type, but we figured we would give it a shot. We headed out for a single overnight as our first attempt and I think it went quite well - we might have to try it again some time!

We pretty much set up the tent, went out to eat, came back and made s'mores, slept in the tent, then woke up, put everything back in the car, went to breakfast and headed home. It was a short camping experience but it went well. Maybe next time we'll try two nights! 

Micah's cousin came along with us on the trip and the kids were so thrilled! They love cousin Grant and he did a good job keeping them entertained and telling them Bible stories at bedtime: