Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mountain

 We are getting some use out of that Six Flags Season Pass! While in Lancaster for the weekend to attend Bekah's baby shower, we decided to make a day trip to Magic Mountain. 

First thing when we walked in the park, there was a little show going on and the kids got called up to be volunteers on the stage. Haylie's job was to fill a bucket with water and dump it into another basin and be the first one to fill it to the top. In the process she got completely soaking wet. She was a really good sport about it though. She ran right under that water spout over and over again. She thought it was hilarious and had a blast doing it. Thankfully it was a warm day and she dried out pretty quickly. James also got called up as a volunteer but he was being very shy. He passed up the first job and then ended up throwing water balloons. They absolutely loved it. They loved Magic Mountain overall but that was their favorite part of the day!

Now this is a good ride: