Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get your game on

We play games at least 5 times a day. Every day... Haylie and James LOVE to play games. The following list includes just a few of the games we regularly play around here: Sorry, Guess Who, Outburst Junior, Parcheesi, Mastermind, UNO, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Sequence Jr. and Scrabble Jr. The best part is, I picked up about 13 of these games at the goodwill store for $25. One evening we were heading to Target to get a couple games for Haylie, and on the way I asked Micah to stop at the goodwill so I could run in and see if they had any first - I came out with a lot more than he expected but the total was as much as one of those games would have cost at Target - most of them were in nice if not brand new condition - it was amazing!

Through game playing, we have learned several things about James and Haylie's personalities. Haylie is very competitive but she is a very good loser, it doesn't phase her when the other person wins or you SORRY her 3 times in a row and send all her people back to start. James on the other hand makes it known at the beginning of the game, that he's not really interested in playing if he's not going to win. Then if you SORRY him, he goes into full meltdown!

We also learned that James has an incredible capacity for remembering names and faces. We picked this up from other places like Sunday School (whereas Haylie can never remember the names of kids in her class - James knows them all), but Guess Who has made it very evident how good at this James is. James quickly learned the names and faces of all the characters in the Guess Who game and can even recite them like flash cards - I have a video of it but it won't seem to upload so you'll just have to believe me.

I love playing games with the kids and am continually grateful for the opportunity to do so!