Monday, November 1, 2010

The Little Things - FOEFR

I really want to start posting about the little things the kids do and say (not just events we do or vacations). The kids are cracking me up today so I had to share.

We were working on a project today for Haylie's class where she had to write out what she was thankful for. I asked her what she was thankful for (assuming she would say Mommy or James or her family). Her response: "I'm thankful for God...and the world he created."

James' story starts with Haylie. Haylie colored a picture for me today and it said I LOVE YOU FOEFR. When I asked her what the last word said she told me it said "Forever." I asked her where she learned how to write forever and she said she just sounded it out. I exclaimed how proud I was of her and James squealed, "I'm so proud of Haylie my tears are going to come out of my eyes."

Today Raider came home from school and proceeded to tell me all about his day and his classes and what he needs to make up from vacation last week. Then he said, "Oh... and I have like 20 votes for Grandpa already. I know, I'm amazing." Then he listed all the people he's sure will be voting for Grandpa tomorrow.

Grandpa is running for Board of Equalization (George Runner) so make sure to vote!! I love that Raider is talking to his friends and teachers so he can help Grandpa win :)