Sunday, November 7, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

The day after Disneyland the gang headed over to Knott's Berry Farm. Grandma and I were happy with all the rides we had gone on the day before and decided to do a little shopping instead. Here are the pics Micah took of the kids at Knott's...

Micah actually bought this picture because he thought it was funny. He said James loved the ride but he wasn't so sure at first:

James really warmed up to the characters this trip. When we went to Santa Cruz in August he really didn't want to take pictures with the characters:

This is before the ride started - it was a kids free fall ride:

Haylie wasn't too thrilled. Micah said James loved all the rides but Haylie was the one who got scared and wasn't so sure about them

The kids love hanging out with Grandpa: