Monday, July 6, 2009

No-name Turtle

For Father's Day Micah wanted a turtle, believe it or not. He had been talking about it for months (a couple months ago) so when I went to buy the turtle I figured it would be a surprise and hoped he still wanted it. The day before Father's Day I got the turtle, came home and hid it in the garage It was in a box from the pet store and I put the box down in a corner behind a bean bag chair in the garage. Not more than 30 min after I got home, Micah went out in the garage to get something. He quickly hurried back inside and called me out. He pointed to the corner and said "something is moving over there." I confidently walked over to the bean bag chair and removed it to show the Petco box at which point he looked confused and then pronounced, "A TURTLE!" longer a surprise, but he was excited nonetheless.

So everyone asks me, "really, Micah wanted a turtle? why?" Well he wanted a pet for the kids but nothing he really had to take care of. This turtle is perfect. It lives outside full time on the side of the house. We just had to fence it in so it couldn't escape. Every day he throws a piece of lettuce out there and makes sure the water is still full. That's it and definitely our kind of pet!! The kids love it although it is yet to be named. Micah thought he would name it Dodger since it is constantly trying to escape (and he loves the Dodgers). Haylie wants to name it Clown...who knows... Any other good names out there?

Here's some pictures of our turtle and a video of James chatting with it.
Here's the turtle's home. We still need to go out to the greenbelt and bring back some more interesting nature for it...
James loves the turtle. He always wants to look at it. I love how he says turtle...



Mindy said...

Oh my gosh! How fun. :) My grandparents were given a desert tortoise (about two/three times the size of your little guy) years and years and years ago. Seriously, we're talking 30 or 40 years, so the turtle (BeeBoo) is ancient! They'll eat anything...not just lettuce. My grandparents' turtle loves those super prickly spiny weeds that grow in the yard and will eat any fruit rinds (esp. watermelon and cantaloupe). FYI, limit the strawberries--they can cause turtle obesity. No joke. They are only a special treat.

I'd also recommend building a tiny little house (like a mini-dog house). BeeBoo loves to nestle in the shade of her little home.

I can't wait to meet your little guy! (Or, gal?)

Tiffiny said...

Clodger? we are all about turtles.. I used to have one as a kids and we called him Timmy... until we found out she was a girl and then she because Timmathena.... HA!

One Mommy's View Point said...

James is so cute talking to the turtle. I see a lifelong friendship there...don't turtles live a long time? :)