Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Dog?

Although we are really not ready to bring another dog into our family, I see that day drawing closer and closer. We recently had my Dad's dog Sydney stay with us for a week and she quickly became Haylie's BFF! Mostly because Haylie could order Sydney around without her fighting back like James. Haylie was glued to Sydney for the 5-6 days we had her - they were inseparable (except for the day Sydney got out of our backyard and Haylie cried herself to sleep - thankfully we found Sydney later). Now that Sydney is back home with "Papa Louie", every couple days Haylie talks about how much she misses her and asks me if we can call Papa Louie to see if Sydney can come for a visit.

Sydney was actually very good for James as well - at the beginning of her stay James would freeze and cry anytime Sydney even looked at him. By the end he was hugging her and kissing her and now he is much more comfortable around dogs in general. Everywhere we go, both of the kids are mesmerized by dogs and I know it isn't long before Haylie starts asking for her very own!

Here's miss Haylie and her best bud Sydney:
Haylie had the funniest way of calling Sydney when she wanted her attention - i guess it was her attempt to whistle. I asked her to do it for the camera:


Mindy said...

At least the dog responded! (And what is it about kids riding dogs like ponies??? Hannah does it all the time!)

~april said...

what a cute little giggle!
if you do get another dog, be prepared to not take as many vacations, or at take the pooch along! (or i guess pap louie can return the favor!) ;)