Friday, June 19, 2009

Raider is 16!

16 - It is a scary thought I know. He will soon be in driving lessons - although not quite getting his license yet! For his birthday Raider wanted to go roller skating with some friends. They had a great time slamming each other into the walls and getting rejected by the teenie bopper girls who were skating as well. They have determined they will now be Friday night regulars - oh my! The little ones had a fun time too although they had to look out for the crazy teens and loud obnoxious rap music - I think next time the rest of us go roller skating will be a toddler time. :)

Here's Raider in the speed race part (It was very dark in there) - he came in second - Micah came in second to last. :)
Why is my mouth always wide open??
The girls held their own races on the carpet. Haylie is wearing her dress up clothes because she wanted to be a beautiful princess for Raider's birthday but I wouldn't let her wear the dress - only a little ariel shirt.
Kiley left the other girls in the dust!