Monday, October 15, 2012

Gymnastics girl...

After the Olympics this year, Haylie decided she wanted to take gymnastics. The kids did some play-gym type classes when they were younger but I decided to sign Haylie up at Technique Gymnastics, which is a bigger gym with a competitive team. So far she loves it and it's a great workout for her - it lasts an hour and a half and it is some really hard work!!! 

The morning after she started gymnastics she woke up complaining that her back really hurt. She didn't feel well enough to go to school so I let her stay home. About mid-morning she said she felt better and was ready to go to school. When I took her to the office and signed her in I told the front desk lady that she had been complaining about her back hurting that morning and that's why she hadn't come to school. They office assistant asked if she does gymnastics. I don;t know why I hand;t made the connected but she was right! I told her she had just started the day gymnastics the day before and she said, "well, that will do it!"

She is only in Level 1 for now but we'll see where she goes with this: