Sunday, May 13, 2012


Micah's parents were planning on coming to Sacramento for Mother's Day but unfortunately, just when they make plans - something keeps coming up with Sharon's health. We are praying all of this gets better quickly as it's quite the ordeal they have to go through spending time in the hospital and the constant scares of things going wrong. Instead of Sacramento, we spent Mothers Day at the hospital in LA after Sharon had a cardiac arrest this weekend, which was a significant scare. We are thankful she is alive and truly thankful, especially this weekend, for such a great mother to still be in our lives.

I felt bad not being able to spend Mother's Day with my Mom but Nicole and I did plan a special gift for her earlier in the month, which we were able to give to her when we got back from LA. We had these photos taken and made into canvases for her:

And here are my very own flowers that Haylie made me for Mother's Day. In the card, Haylie wrote:
"Dear Mommy - I love you so much I can't take my mind off you! I like the way you treat us with respect and kindness! Thank you! Love Haylie."