Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of School

The last day of school always comes with mixed emotions.While we are sad to leave our teachers and friends behind, we are also so excited for our fun-filled summer days, hanging out together. I know I can't wait for summers with the kids but we will definitely miss Miss Connie (James' preschool teacher) and Ms. Dalia (Haylie's 1st grade teacher). Both of them were such great teachers and we felt incredibly blessed to have these two teaching our kids this year. We hope we always get this lucky with teachers. 

James LOVED his first year of preschool at Small Wonders and Mommy loved volunteering in his class and watching him learn and grow. Miss Connie was the most fantastic lady and we will miss seeing her every day since James will be going to Junior Kindergarten next year. The last day of school festivities included Miss Connie presenting each child with a special memory / photo book and sharing sweet things about them.

At the end of our time we got to present Miss Connie a gift. Since I was the Room Mom for the year I had the opportunity to organize the gift and we chose a cooking theme since Miss Connie likes to cook. Everyone pitched in for some various cooking supplies but my favorite part was this apron. We drew some circles on it and each child decorated their own little face / person with Mis Connie in the middle. It turned out soooo adorable and I think Miss Connie really loved it. She was in tears between that and the card with all the nice comments from the parents. Such a great way to end the year!!

James' is going to miss his little girly friend Brooke: 

We are going to miss Miss Connie:

I don't have as many pictures from Haylie's last day of school but we definitely loved Ms. Dalia. I enjoyed volunteering in class and getting to know her and Haylie loved having her as her teacher. We will miss her for sure!