Friday, December 10, 2010

Live a Little

Finding a Christmas tree is always an adventure. First comes the decision of where to get the tree - do we cut it down or go to a fancy lot, or Costco?? We usually trade off the different places each year and this year was a Costco year. Although Micah tends to prefer the short trip to Costco, he pretty much hates cutting open a million trees to find the perfect one. After opening several trees he got a brilliant idea (which he usually has when we go to Costco) that we should just buy a wrapped tree and chance it. Of course I never agree to that plan, but this year after Raider and Micah dragged on that I should learn to "live a little" I finally agreed. They lined up a few of the wrapped trees next to each other and selected the one they thought looked best while I loaded the kids in the cart and pretended like this wasn't really the plan.

Micah and Raider's expert selection:

The final product. Not so bad!
Micah swares it's our "best tree ever" - not quite sure about that but I was glad I proved I could live a little.