Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with Mom

Christmas with Momo and Papa this year was fun. Raider always enjoys when the grandparents come over so he has someone to play pool with him.

Poor James really wanted to play with Baby Ben's Christmas present. We had gotten Ben the present earlier that week and James had played with it every day - only I wouldn't allow him to disconnect the cars that came with it so he was eagerly awaiting the Christmas party when he could try out the toy with the cars that came with it. After Ben opened the present, James moved in, but Raider told him to let Ben play with it first. Poor James was sooo sad!
Until he opened his present:
Haylie was quite happy about her pillow pet as well:
Kiley and Lea got little tents for Christmas and the kids had so much fun playing in them:
Micah had a fun time making crepes for everyone:
Brian enjoyed eating them:
We got Kiley and Lea a new puppet theater and we loved watching all the kids do their own puppet shows:

Raider's favorite activity, playing games:

Momo, Papa and the little ones: