Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Blast

This was Haylie's first year in our church's vacation bible school and as usual she approached it with excitement and eager anticipation of the first day. She couldn't wait to find out what was in store for her in this new experience but more so she couldn't wait to see her friend Mia who she hadn't seen since school was out.

At the end of the week of VBS, there was a little celebration and we got to learn about what this kids did all week. Plus there was just a fun time with water slides and bounce houses, which the kids can never pass up:

James had more fun playing in a mid puddle, rather than going on the water slides:

Haylie and Kiley were so excited they got to go up on the stage this time. One of the days Haylie was at VBS I stayed to help out and I had the opportunity to sneak in and watch her during the music and story time. It was so cute watching her study the people on stage and perform every hand motion and sing every word right along with them. Then, when it came to story time they were telling the story about the fishermen on the boat and Jesus telling them to throw their nets on the other side. As they were telling the story (note - there were about 100 kids in the room and Haylie's class was seated toward the back) Haylie kept trying to jump in and tell the rest of the story and why they needed to have faith, and what Jesus told them. The teacher kept asking her to be quiet and not interrupt but I couldn't help but be a little proud :)

Haylie and Kiley were having so much fun on stage, I was glad to catch this spontaneous hug:
James got brave and decided to run up there too, even though he's not old enough for Summer Blast yet.