Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Without My Shoes

James got these car shoes for Easter and they have not come off his feet very much since. He especially loves to wear them at nap time!

By the way, yesterday I blogged a little about Haylie's personality, so today a little about James. Haylie has never really loved naptime; I don't think she has ever asked to take a nap. James on the other hand, when he disappears and we find him upstairs, he is cuddled up cozy in his bed, napping away. James is much more comfortable moving at a slow pace than Haylie is. He feels no need to move 100 miles an hour and he is perfectly content to have Mommy or Daddy carry him up and down the stairs every day. He has no need to go upstairs and retrieve things from his room on his own and I don't believe we'll find him upstairs spontaneously cleaning anytime soon. :) He's all about the importance of a good afternoon nap! James is seriously hilarious; he cracks me up every minute - he is so smart and speaks like he is 4 already. I love every part of his own little James personality and am so thankful for the things he teaches me about myself!!