Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not the Best at the Egg Hunt Yet!

Standing in front of the roped off lawn, covered with hundreds of bright colored beacons for his attention, he could barely contain himself...James was dying to pick up the eggs at the church Easter Egg hunt. That is, until they sounded the buzzer and the mad dash began. James just froze in panic, determined that the candy calling his name was not worth risking his life!

On the other hand, Haylie was so giddy with excitement she was running around in circles, trampling the eggs but getting none in her basket. Then she started hunting for what seemed like specific color eggs because well yellow and green aren't nearly as pretty as pink.

Both kids didn't need anymore eggs and certainly not anymore candy but there's just something inside us as parents that makes them want to get out there, elbows extended, and shovel those eggs into their basket as fast as possible!! :)

We had to grab a couple eggs and bring them to James - Here he is still standing on the sidelines:

Thinking about it:

Kiley knew what to do!

All dressed up for Easter: