Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Each year "the boys" take "the girls" to see the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds when they are in town. The girls like the planes and all but they are much more interested in just hanging out and playing with each other. The boys on the other hand really like watching the planes and when I gave them my camera to take pictures this year I got back maybe 5-10 pictures of the girls playing and at least 30 pictures of the planes!! Micah said this year was especially fun because when he got there he saw some people from work and they got invited to sit in the VIP area and got free lunch. Here are some of the pics from the day:

Micah decided not to take James. We figured since he is scared of any loud noise, which includes shrieking and running crying to me when the vacuum cleaner comes on, that we should wait until he is a little older before risking a big scene at the plane show.