Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So busy!!!

I have been so extremely busy lately it has just been crazy!! I have a little growing list of all the things I want to blog about but at 11 every night after I have finished processing pictures from the latest shoot, or grading papers or checking emails for my work the next day, there is just no time left!! I really want to be better at blogging mostly because my lack of blogging means I am not recording all the wonderful things the kids are up to and I love going back and reading those stories later!! So - I hope to be better soon. In the meantime, I took the kids to a field last week for about 30 min to grab a few "Easter-esque" pics of them. James was totally uncooperative and Haylie was semi-cooperative. Micah stopped by on his way home from work and grabbed one of Haylie and I that I really like though! So here's a few quick pics until the next post (which hopefully won't be in another 17 days!).


~april said...

love the last one of haylie! miss you!